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RedKite fixed wing UAV

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The RedKite UAV is a breakthrough product in terms of performance, reliability and cost efficiency. Having completed a 54.5 hour world record flight in 2012, this is a proven product which has sold internationally and is capable of operating from unimproved terrain, night or day for over 20 hours.

Robust and compact, the RedKite system delivers highly cost-effective tactical ISTAR and offers a comparable performance to much larger systems. Integrated with Blue Bear's market leading avionics and NEXUS® ground control stations, RedKite is extremely versatile and has a low training overhead.

Blue Bear open-systems architecture permits the end-user to tailor the package to their individual requirements and provides rapid payload integration.

RedKite is a simple system with a low logistical overhead compared to more complex tactical platforms and with a small footprint can be operated from confined areas with austere support. Blue Bear’s experienced engineers and varied systems maintain a leading-edge technology awareness to ensure our solutions offer leading edge capabilities and upgrade paths.



  • Datalink range: 50km
  • Wingspan: 3.30m
  • Length: 2.27m
  • Height: 0.91m
  • Maximum take-off weight: 21.5kg
  • Maximum endurance of >6 hours.



  • Task tailored
  • Can be launched from a catapult rail or runway
  • Interchangeable payloads
  • Optional remote viewing options.



  • RedKite UAV‘s x 2
  • Rail launch catapult system x 1*
  • Ground Control Station in ruggedised case x 1
  • SNAP® autopilots x 1
  • Ruggedised cases x 2
  • Rechargeable battery packs x 4
  • Payloads x 1*
  • Minimum operators x 2
*If required.


Military, police and emergency services

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