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NEXUS® Ground Control Station (GCS)

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When you need to task unmanned platforms to deliver situational awareness, the Nexus Ground Control Station GCS provides you with an intuitive interface that reduces the training burden.

  • A simple 'point-and-click' interface allows you to command flight paths using waypoints, circuits and landing points on a map display. Fully automated ‘go here’, ‘look here’, ‘land there’ functions are commanded to avoid manually steering the platforms. You simply task your platforms to execute your instructions in any sequence you choose.
  • The Nexus GCS comes packaged as a stand-alone bundle weighing up to 10kg, with 12 hour battery life. It's the ruggedised laptop hosting the Nexus® GCS software, datalinks and batteries are housed in a robust, water-tight carry case.
  • Real-time, full motion video is displayed, can be recorded and you have the flexibility to pause, rewind and grab images.
  • The optional remote viewer allows you to provide situational awareness to remote users, by transmitting video feeds wirelessly from the GCS.
  • Gimballed sensors can be automatically controlled as part of the autonomous ‘look here’ mode or manually steered to allow you to take full control. Sensor footprints can be displayed on the moving map, so that you clearly identify your view.
  • Telemetry from the SNAP® autopilot or non-video sensors can also be displayed and recorded. This can be especially useful for platform or system R&D, where engineering data may be required.

See how the GCS works with our iSTART platform:


  • The screen is readable in full sunlight, which makes it usable in all weather conditions.
  • Simple point-and-click interface
  • Transmit video feeds wirelessly
  • Ready to go in minutes
  • The system is highly modular and allows for any kinds of air vehicles and sensor to be controlled.


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