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Flexible and agile

With a host of adaptable in-house UAV platforms and numerous bespoke systems; Blue Bear offer an expert end-to-end, complete unmanned system development service to meet any customer requirements.
Extensive expertise in aircraft design, rapid prototyping, mission system integration and guidance, navigation and control; make Blue Bear the ideal choice for system development.
We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to our customer's priorities - whether they are platform-centric, mission-centric or both and we deliver on time and consistently meet cost and quality criteria, whilst never compromising flight safety.

Blue Bear provide complete systems for their customers, which include:

Platforms - Blackstart, iSTART, RedKite and Rotary
Flight Management Systems, Avionics/Autopilot - SNAP®
Ground Control Station (GCS) - Nexus®
Training and Certification
Choosing your ideal UAV

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are complex and come in many versions. The two most general categories into which they can be divided are fixed wing and the rotary. Each of these two types of unmanned aerial vehicles come with their specific advantages and disadvantages which are very important in deciding what kind of UAV you require for your specific application.
A fixed wing aircraft has wings that are fixed in a certain position to provide it with lifting force caused by forward movement. The force is determined by the forward speed and the wings' shape.
Rotary wing aircraft have rotor blades that produce upward lift by rotating along a mast. They change direction by adjusting the relative speed of the rotors. The most typical rotary aircraft is the helicopter but UAVs usually have 4 – 6 rotors.
One of the main differences between each platform is the complexity of design. The fixed wing aircraft only needs a basic frame, some form of propulsion and rudders for steering, whereas the rotary wing design is much more complex requiring multiple rotors with calibrated controls to be able to change direction and hover.
The rotary platform is much more versatile for Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL), than fixed wing aircraft as they can operate from most terrains and within confined spaces. 
The fixed wing by contrast, usually requires a relatively flat area for launch and recovery so as to limit damage to the vehicle.  However, Blue Bear has designed robust, fixed wing UAVs that can be thrown by hand or launched from a catapult, which won’t break up on landing, even on the roughest terrain. 
A rotary aircraft will give you superior manoeuvrability, indoors or out, and are perfect for structure inspection, short range mapping and photography. Although they have limited endurance and speed, they more than make up for it with their versatility.
Fixed wing aircraft can fly high, fast and for long periods at a time.  They are ideal for long range surveys, surveillance, tracking and highly cost-effective tactical ISTAR. 

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