Our Capabilities

Task tailored training

Blue Bear provide task tailored training specifically for your needs. We have the expertise, resources and experience to offer a fully integrated training programme, delivering cost effective, industry recognised ’best practise’, increased efficiently and ultimately, making your life easier.

Blue Bear can provide training facilities including classroom, technical manuals and instructors through partners, airspace and a range of suitable platforms and synthetic environments.

Blue Bear’s proprietary synthetic tools are ITAR free and compatible with our avionics and platforms, in addition to being capable of application to third-party hard wares and software.

Blue Bear’s software engineers are capable of providing integration of our tools into users extant training facilities, or providing completely bespoke solutions on request. Our Real Time Scheduler software is available on license as the core of any system, acting as the glue which connects components seamlessly for effective immersive training.

Training for basic qualifications:

  • Bespoke to national requirements.
  • Ex - military instructors.


Type specific to BB products at POS:

  • iSTART.
  • Blackstart.
  • RedKite.
  • RISER rotary platforms.


Fully tailored to the user with synthetic modeling of user solution for cost-effective initial and ongoing training provision:

  • Fully bespoke solutions.
  • End-user locations/facilities.
  • End-user platforms at various fidelities.
  • Task/role specific.


Training tools and materials provided to support ongoing training provision:

  • Synthetic facilities (including built-in modules on ground-control stations).
  • Software and hardware plug-ins to supplement extant capability.


Next Steps...

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