easyJet completes first automated trial of drone technology for aircraft inspections

On Thursday 4 June, Blue Bear and Createc's RISER platform was unveiled at easyJet's annual Innovation Day, this year held in Milan. To find out what Blue Bear CEO, Dr Yoge Patel, and Ian Davies, Head of Engineering at easyJet said please read the article below.

You can find extensive news coverage of Blue Bear and Createc's RISER platform here - including articles from the The Mail, The Express and The Times.

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easyJet, Europe’s leading airline, has now successfully completed a trial for the use of automated drone technology to scan and inspect planes reporting back to engineers on any damage which may require further attention or maintenance work.

As a result of the trial the use of drone technology in aircraft maintenance is expected to be in active operation at up to ten easyJet engineering hangars in the near future. These include London Luton, London Gatwick, Geneva, Basel, Berlin, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Milan and three others across Europe.

Blue Bear and Createc are the brains behind the new technology.

Blue Bear's Chief Executive Officer, Dr Yoge Patel, said: "Our RISER system is a game-changer within the world of autonomy and commercial aviation. However, it is not just limited to aircraft inspection - it can be used to examine ships, buildings, structures and other vehicles too."

Ian Davies, Head of Engineering for easyJet, commented: "Our team looks outside of the industry to see what sort of available cutting-edge technology could be put to use in aviation and drone technology is the perfect example of this. Our successful automated trials have proved that drones can be extremely effective to help us perform detailed aircraft checks.

“Implementing automated drones next year means that checks that would usually take more than a day to complete can now be performed in a couple of hours with greater accuracy which in turn leads to a reduction in technical related delays.

"Excluding natural events outside of our control like lightning and bird strikes, my ambition is to get technical delays down to zero through the clever and innovative use of technology.

 "We believe there may be other uses for drones in aviation in the future like the transportation of spare parts."

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