The future for UK drones policy - regulation, innovation and commercial application

Yoge Patel will be speaking at this seminar considering the future for the use, regulation and commercialisation of drones in the UK.
With a draft Drones Bill due to be published later this year, it will be an opportunity to discuss the recently-announced Government consultation on proposed additional enforcement and regulatory powers to address drone misuse - including fixed penalties, counter-drone technology, age restrictions and regulation of apps - and follows the announcement earlier this year of new laws governing drone usage, including the introduction of height limits, further restrictions around airports and online safety tests for users, as well as the European Aviation Safety Agency’s proposed regulatory framework.
Delegates will also discuss next steps for positioning the UK at the forefront of drone development - looking at key issues around infrastructure, innovation, insurance and commercial applications - in the context of Project Chatham and the government-funded Flying High Challenge, which will support cities in the development of drone technology that can transform critical services.
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