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Blue Bear is an agile SME employing approximately 30 people with skills encompassing avionics, software, aerodynamics, CAD modelling, avionics, flight operations (civil and military), flight control, flight clearance and acceptance, programme management, complex systems design, product certification and qualification.  Led by CEO Dr Yoge Patel, Blue Bear personnel have amongst the widest experience of designing, developing and operating unmanned systems in the UK.

Dr Yoge Patel - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 
Yoge is an authoritative and respected figure in the Aerospace industry with a passion for providing cost-effective, discriminatory solutions to military and commercial sectors of the Unmanned Systems and Autonomy markets.  Yoge has over 25+ years’ experience of bidding and delivery of high risk innovations, manned and unmanned in partnership with multi-disciplinary, multi-national teams across industry and academia. 
Yoge is also a technical specialist in flight clearance, departure prediction, system modelling and simulation. Passionate about her subject, Yoge is regularly called upon to present at industry conferences and workshops and pertinent to this forum, she sits on The Autonomous Systems NTC, The Defence Growth Partnership and the EUROCAE Working Group 93 ‘Lightweight RPAS’. The latter is defining all aspects of light UAS from type classification, airworthiness to training. 
At QinetiQ she led pan-site (Bedford, Boscombe, Farnborough and Malvern) Fast Jet and UAS programmes. Her latter roles in QinetiQ included Acceptance Authority for the Typhoon Flight Control System, liaison with the Technical Director at Boscombe Down on improved airworthiness and flight clearance processes for the Release-To-Service of stores carriage and release, Lead on ‘Flight Clearance of Autonomous UAVs’ and the QinetiQ Innovation Committee for the down-select of IRAD projects. In 2006, still a techie at heart, Yoge left as a QinetiQ Fellow in Flight Control and Technical Manager to lead Blue Bear, in Bedfordshire.

Ian Williams-Wynn - Managing Director

Ian joined the Blue Bear Group in 2010 and, after a taking a short sabbatical, returned in 2016 with a focus on getting Blue Bear’s sister Company, Cassima, up and running.  Ian was appointed Managing Director of Blue Bear Systems Research in March 2018.  He has been involved with unmanned and autonomous systems for over 20 years.

Over the course of his career, Ian has contributed to ground breaking research including novel power and propulsions systems, sensor technologies, communications, avionics, and physical platforms.  His experience covers a broad spectrum of domains including space, air, maritime and ground in both defence and civil applications, including connected autonomous cars. 

His maritime experience includes novel maritime propulsion systems, long endurance unmanned autonomous surface vessels, ship to shore communications, and maritime test and evaluations systems.  Ian also has extensive experience in bringing Live, Virtual and Constructive modelling and simulation techniques to the maritime test and evaluation world.

Ian started his career in the military working with early prototype unmanned systems, and exploiting imagery from a range of unmanned systems from global suppliers.   He has worked with a range of UAV systems from small hand launched highly mobile units, through to tactical systems including Predator and Scan Eagle, to large long endurance platforms such as Global Hawk.

Gavin Goudie - Operations Director
Gavin is the Operations Director at Blue Bear Systems Research Ltd. responsible for project management, flight trial lead and regulatory body liaison including the CAA.  He has a broad range of experience in technology research and engineering projects, within both civil and defence and has extensive experience of UAV flights trials being a regular hands-on practitioner of UAV flight trials for Blue Bear. With over 2000 hrs gained in 20 years of flying gliders and single engine aircraft, Gavin has in-depth knowledge of general aviation, particularly the practicalities of airworthiness, flight trial planning, contingencies and execution.
Gavin is also responsible for management and delivery of a number of civil and military UAS projects dealing with  fast paced turnaround of research and delivery of flight trials and results.  As Project Manager for the  Accolade Carrier development, he has been immersed in the challenging TDP since its early conceptual design and de-risking stages. As a result he is keenly aware of the demanding requirements that an OBAD solution must provide to the end user and the trade space between the payload and its operational use.  Prior to making the move to unmanned aviation Gavin was involved in the development of technology for use on remotely operated and automatic underwater vehicles.

Olwen Rees – HR & Office Manager
Olwen joined Blue Bear in July 2013 and manages the HR function including recruitment, employee relations and all HR systems and processes.  She is also responsible for overseeing the smooth running of administrative functions across the business.   Previously Olwen managed the HR processes and recruitment for Hybrid Air Vehicles, supporting the LEMV programme and growing the headcount by more than 500% in 8 months.  Olwen has more than 12 years’ recent experience in Aerospace & Defence and has been an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development since 2012. 


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