About us

We are Blue Bear Systems Research, pioneers of autonomy and unmanned systems; evolving unmanned concepts, regardless of size, at a pace unmatched by other organisations.

We deliver efficient solutions, professional services and commercial results, supporting both military and civil markets worldwide, with unmatched pace, agility, passion and innovation. 
Our track record in innovative research and flight test 'firsts' has won us several awards and a prime position in the domain of UAV development in the UK and Europe.
Our mission is for 'a Blue Bear heart and brain to be in every unmanned system'.  We are renowned for innovation and strong collaboration with Primes, SMEs and academia.   As an agile SME, rapid technology integration and maturation of ’best of breed’ UK technology is a mantra within the company.   Over the last year, rapid read across all of our Unmanned Air Systems solutions to the Maritime and Energy domains with our Partners, are testament to this key principle.

Cost effective

We are committed to delivering cost effective technologies to our customers on time and on budget.

Customer commitment

Blue Bear's diverse portfolio is underpinned by extensive experience of successfully engaging with Government organisations, multi-national defence contractors and small to medium enterprises.

Flexible and quality assured

Blue Bear builds superior quality into manned, automated and autonomous systems from conception. Quality and safety are paramount in the design and delivery of our customer solutions.

Our partners

Collaboration with Tier 1 to Tier 3 suppliers, SMEs and Academia provides compelling innovation, products and services to our customers.

Next Steps...

You can call us on: +44 (0) 1234 826620