Case Study

2010 - Micro Air Vehicle 3

The Micro Air Vehicle programme is a MoD-funded research programme focusing on MAV flight in the urban environment. As part of this programme, Blue Bear is investigating a number of MAV-related problems, namely:
  • Vehicle configuration
  • Control
  • Sensor integration
  • Power source selection and integration
  • State estimation
  • Use of atmospheric energy 
Highlights so far have included:
  • Development of a flying MAV
  • Successful deployment of in-flight wing tip extensions as part of an investigation into variable geometry
  • Successful high-bandwidth body attitude control of a MAV
  • Accurate camera pointing from a MAV
  • Flight testing of high manoeuvrability devices including forward fins and thrust vectoring
  • Use of thermals and updrafts in the urban area for increased MAV endurance
  • Use of optic flow for collision avoidance
  • Automatic landing in constrained areas

Next Steps...

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