Case Study

2014 – HAV Airlander

Blue Bear have just been selected to again partner Hybrid Air Vehicles to develop a world-leading hybrid aircraft. The UK Government-backed Technology Strategy Board (TSB) has provided a £2.5 million grant as part of a £4 million public and private sector development project to develop specific engineering aspects of the novel hybrid air vehicle, which is an amalgam of the best of helicopters, aeroplanes and airships.  This will revolutionise the air cargo transportation market, enabling, for the first time ever, a truly point-to-point 50 tonne cargo carrying capability, with the ability to operate with limited infrastructure and support.
For this new project, Blue Bear will be using their tested technology used in the previous contract to help Hybrid reach their target of the first ever passenger flight, scheduled for 2016.
Other partners include:
Forward Composites, specialists in carbon composites for aerospace, defence, and automotive.
Cranfield University, extensive wind tunnel facilities and test capability.
University of Liverpool, centre of excellence in helicopters with unique simulation capabilities.
University of Sheffield, Composites Systems Innovation Centre (CSIC), for carbon composite research.

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