Case Study

Olivia Beresford - Computer & Digital Forensics Undergraduate discusses her 12 month internship 2017-18

I joined Blue Bear following the completion of my second year in BSc Computer and Digital Forensics from Northumbria University, Newcastle. By undertaking a year-long internship at Blue Bear, I fulfilled the course criteria of an industrial placement, which has shown to be a contributing factor to achieving a higher final degree result. Before joining, I had an interest, and some experience, in programming but was looking to expand my horizons and explore other areas of engineering.

An internship at Blue Bear was the perfect opportunity to get involved in different aspects of the company and begin building up experience in new skills. Compared to bigger companies, working here enabled a more tailor-made internship, where I could get involved in a whole raft of projects, changing my focus often if I wanted.

During my placement I had a lot of exposure to software, leading to an enhancement in my ability to program in Java and build vital problem-solving skills to complete tasks. I was also lucky enough to attend flight trials at Luton, Stansted, and Gatwick airports; giving me an insight into Blue Bear’s importance in the industry and an immense sense of pride to see a project I had worked on in action.

I have had the opportunity to try my hand at electronics whilst at Blue Bear. I was given the task of creating a thermal target which would be used as a piece of test equipment for a powerline inspection drone. In the journey to completion I gained experience in embedded code, theoretical and practical electronics, and PCB design and assembly. These were areas that I had never encountered, nor particularly considered, before joining Blue Bear. Following this project, I am keen to stay involved in this field and build a solid base of experience with which to move forward.

By getting involved in various projects, my experience at Blue Bear has been invaluable in broadening my skill set which I can use and adapt in the future. Perhaps more importantly, my experience at Blue Bear has been shaped by the people I share it with. Throughout my internship I had endless encouragement and support from those I worked closely with. I have nothing but respect for their patience and dedication to teaching me and making my year as valuable and enjoyable as they did.  I made many friends over the course of my internship and hope to stay in touch as we all go into the future.

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