Case Study

Robin Gojon

Robin joined Blue Bear as a student intern on a work placement after completing his Masters on the Mechatronics program in at ESME Engineering School in Paris.  During his studies, Robin worked on a surveillance drone project, developing the flight algorithms and a user interface and became convinced of the huge future potential in this developing technology.

Robin has now joined the permanent team at Blue Bear as a control engineer.  Here is his story in his own words:

"I was very pleased to join Blue Bear as an intern.  From the beginning, I had an overview of all the areas of expertise in the company because people were always ready to help and share their experiences.

“I was given the chance to perform a wide range of tasks:  from CAD designing to sensor integration to embedded processors programming and flight testing.  Blue Bear is concerned about unlocking the potential of its interns by increasing their skills, thus their open-mindedness.

“After my 6-months graduation internship, Blue Bear agreed to keep me as a permanent employee. As a Control engineer, I now focus on the area I like the most.  My role is to program UAVs to make them achieve fully autonomous missions."

Next Steps...

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