Case Study

Ollie Witt

I joined Blue Bear systems on placement after completion of the second year of my aeronautical engineering degree. The placement was used to gain a diploma of industrial studies. Before joining Blue Bear I had a keen interest in aero modelling and was very keen to take this to a professional level in combination with my studies.

Blue Bear employees treated me with the upmost respect throughout my time at the company. My previous subject knowledge was used at every opportunity available and time was given to me to improve skills that would allow me to progress within the company. An outcome of this is that my CAD skills improved very quickly and I was soon able to work alongside the technicians within the company.

I was also heavily involved in many projects within the company. My existing aero modelling knowledge allowed me to quickly slot into the flight test team, but I was also able to use skills I had learnt as part of my degree to influence project.

The NERC project was one of my favourite projects. The project involved producing a prototype submersible vehicle that had the ability to recover energy from the environment to power on board equipment. It was the first project that I was involved from initial stages through to final testing. Even though the trial meant working on a lake whilst it was snowing, I feel that this was one of my most rewarding and enjoyable times at Blue Bear.

Now back completing finishing my degree I maintain a large amount of involvement within the company, still offering my services whenever needed. My final year project was based around the skills and processes I had learnt on placement, and Blue Bear facilities were used to help complete the project. I was lucky enough to be awarded sponsorship from Blue Bear to complete my studies for which I was very grateful. As well as easing my finances this also gives a sense of purpose to completing my degree to the highest standard possible.

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