Case Study

2013 - Blue Bear teams with QinetiQ to conduct (UTC) GPS trial in support of the MOD, sponsored by DSTL.

The Blue Bear Blackstart trials team were deployed to Sennybridge (Central Wales) from the 9 to 11 July in order to undertake an ‘Ultra Tightly Coupled (UTC) GPS trial’ in support of the MOD, sponsored by DSTL.

The trial involved flying a QinetiQ provisioned payload on board the Blue Bear Blackstart in RPAS mode of operation. The joint Blue Bear and QinetiQ trials team conducted 11 flights over 2 days in GPS jamming conditions. The aim of the trial was to test the QinetiQ payload in an adverse GPS environment to investigate the systems robustness to jamming conditions. A large amount of data was captured that is now assisting QinetiQ in their analysis and system development.

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