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Unmanned Air Systems Development

Blue Bear offers customers an expert end-to-end service developing unmanned flight vehicles and associated systems to any requirement. With a host of adaptable in-house UAV types, and many more bespoke systems developed for our customers to date, we confidently offer a complete Unmanned System development service to meet specific customer requirements.

Considerable expertise in aircraft design, rapid prototyping, mission system integration and guidance, navigation and control make Blue Bear the ideal choice for system development. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to our customer's priorities - whether they are platform-centric, mission-centric or both. We deliver on time and consistently meet cost and quality criteria, whilst never compromising flight safety.

Blue Bear is an agile SME, working within the aerospace sector for over 14 years with skills encompassing avionics, software, aerodynamics, CAD modelling, avionics, flight operations (civil and military), flight control, flight clearance and acceptance, programme management, complex systems design, product certification and qualification.    
Offering flight service provision (for platform, payloads, sub-systems), flight safety case provision, advanced modelling & simulation and system certification, we are unique in the UK for our hands-on engineering experience for different types of UAVs and our ability to flow down regulatory requirements/aspects to engineering levels.   

Blue Bear has a proven track record in delivering fast paced and challenging programmes for almost all the UK based Primes and Tier 2 companies in the UAS sector. 

The company is equally adept operating as a supplier or Lead Systems Integrator, as a Programme Integrator in its’ own right, or collaboratively with partners and/or academia.

Through past and current roles, we have experience of all but the ‘Disposal’ elements of the CADMID cycle (Product life cycle) for manned and unmanned assets through the operational/field use of and Engineering development of: fast jets; UAS; Lighter than Air platforms; transport aircraft; missiles and, underwater and above water vessels.
We have operated at most UK flight military test ranges (Salisbury Plain, Spadeadam, Parc Aberporth, Caerwent, Stanta, West Freugh) and at Camp Robertson in the US as well as non-military ranges, air shows and other flying sites, often working closely with Air Warfare Centre. Our mainstream business entails flight tests every week.

Our technologies centre around our own Flight Management System, SNAP® based architectures coupled with our NEXUS® Ground Control Station, carrying our own or third party algorithms and offering customers scalable and agile capability equally applicable to Nano platforms right up to strategic systems, with a significant capability for rapid and agile delivery of projects from TRL1 to 9. A Flight Design and Clearance Toolset (FDCT) has been developed by the company to underpin the full UAS Development and Acceptance cycle. The FDCT accelerates evidence generation with an auditable trail.

In addition to the D&D side of the business, we are also highly focused on understanding the importance of leveraging certification experience outside of UAS, incorporating airworthiness and regulation knowledge (EASA, FAA, CAA) for manned assets.

We operate a family of UAS under a UK Civil Aviation Authority ‘Permission to Operate’ (an enhanced Permission in our case reflecting a long history of safe operations. Furthermore we are engaging with CAA and MAA to accelerate the operation of UAS in National Airspace (NAS) and to clarify the read-across and transferability of process, tools and capability from manned to unmanned systems and from MAA to CAA. The company is actively looking at airworthiness and certification. 


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